| Like the network and want to spread it around?
      | These ads are designed to filter in those of significant curiousity,  and  slang
      | knowledge.  You can post them to virtual lamp posts with the [txt] versions,  or
      | in  reality with the [pdf] versions designed for printing.
      | ## analog flyers
 Text | A: [txt]
 Doc  | A: [pdf]
 Text | B: [txt]
      | ## digital flyers
 Text | A: [txt]
 Bin  | B: [ansi]
 Img  | C: [png]
      | #### note about printing
      | If you want to stay anonymous when printing read the article or buy ones with
      | older technologies (eg, dot matrices). Also, try to place them far away from you
      | physically, perhaps whilst travelling, or going into a nearby city if you live
      | in a town.
      | https://www.eff.org/pages/list-printers-which-do-or-do-not-display-tracking-dots

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